They wrote about us in the press and in the national media

During 22 years of design and creation, Natish Gallery has placed itself among the top ten in the field of design and creative Israeli art. Unique and original works by Netish Gallery have found their place in Israeli homes that love the combination of functional design and art. During the years of creation, many articles and items were published on Natish Gallery and Israel Primo in design magazines, the national press and the various media, some of which we have uploaded here on the website.

An article about Natish Gallery in the design magazine “Nisha”

News in the newspaper “Ko LaMoshav”

Natish’s designs in the “Building and Housing” monthly

Dell Art exhibition in the culture section of Yedioth Ahronoth


Articles about Natish Gallery, Israel Primo in Niche Design Magazine

An article about Natish Gallery in “Maariv Style”

Sculptures of Israel Primo in Hadera
The cover of the monthly “Eat Hadar”

A statue of a choir of musicians in Kiryat Bialik

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Articles about jewelry lighting and furniture of the Natish gallery in monthly and national press

An article about Israel Primo in the culture and art supplement in a regional locality

The bell statue in Beit Dondikov in Rehovot

An article about Israel Primo’s bell statue on the back cover of Haaretz newspaper

Natish metal flower displays in Yavne
An article in Ganim and Noi


The butterfly garden in the Dead Sea, an article in Haaretz newspaper

Israel Primo’s del art mask exhibition

Ma’ariv style article about Natish Gallery

Fazal magazine about the Israel Primo mask exhibition

Latest news about Israel Primo’s butterfly sculpture

The snake statue of Israel Primo in front of the Knesset House

A statue of Israel Primo in a photo by the photographer Alex Ryback

Skadia statue of Israel Primo in a regional location

Israel Primo – Haaretz newspaper

Primo on Israel in a regional weekly

Exhibition of masks del art in Haaretz newspaper

On a Natish gallery in Trend magazine

The Israel Primo bicycle exhibition

An article about Natish in the local supplement of Yedioth Ahronoth – a special magazine for Purim

On railings a professional article by Israel Primo

The statue of David’s harp of Israel Primo at the Culture Hall in Ness Ziona

An article about Israel Primo in the weekly Chal Nes Ziona