Terms of use of the website

The surfer/user is aware that the use of the Netish website indicates the user’s agreement to all the conditions listed below in the terms and conditions of use of the website and is subject to and conditioned by the users’ consent to what is stated in these regulations.
The “Natish” website, (hereinafter “the website”) is an artistic design website that offers Internet surfers its services in the field of design and art. The information and content on the website are the exclusive property of the owner of the website and the owner of the “Natish” gallery Israel Primo.
Terms and definitions:
1. The terms of use of the site are worded in the masculine language and refer to both men and women and this is for convenience reasons only.

2. “User” or “surfer” means a surfer or user directly or indirectly through a computer or cellular communication if it is a body or a private person.

3. “Contents” or “information” – means any image, product, creation, drawing, material, words, text, displayed on the site in any form of media, including photographs of products, works and their design, computer file, graphic file, computer code, design and manner Website design, translation, re-editing, trademarks, logos.

4. It is hereby made clear to every surfer/user of the website that the right to use the information and content presented on the website belongs to the user only and that the user may not make use of the information and content either for consideration or without consideration to any third party.

5. The surfer/user is aware that the website displays images of products, works and content that are subject to copyright and belong to Natish Israel Primo only, and in addition there are content and images originating from a third party, and that the user has no right to copy, reproduce, print, distribute, market, use or give to others The information or the images and any other information and other content displayed on the site, or to make any other commercial or non-commercial use of them without the express consent of “Natish” Israel in advance and in writing.

6. The surfer/user is aware that the information and content on the Natish website contain original content that originates from original designs by Natish only and some of them are registered as samples registered in the State of Israel’s Register of Samples.

7. Netish allows the user to use the forum on the website regarding design and comments. The user knows that the messages are not edited by Natish and are presented in the forum as they are without Natish checking their correctness or accuracy. Therefore, Natish will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for direct or indirect damage caused as a result of use or messages in the Natish forum.

8. The user undertakes that the messages published by him in the forum will not include offensive material, violations of the proprietary rights of others, or blatant sexual material, injury to public sentiments, defamation, deception, or any other law.

9. The user undertakes to compensate or indemnify Natish for any expense or damage caused due to the violation of the provisions of this regulation on all its articles, including infringement of third party rights.

10. The user is aware that Natish may at any time edit, change, correct, publish, delete messages in their entirety or in part from the forum at its sole and absolute discretion, without prior notification.

11. Natish is entitled to stop the activity of the forum without prior notice and there will be no claim to the user against Natish in any way whatsoever.

12. Links to recommended websites are posted on the website. Netish will not be responsible in any way for the content and information presented on these websites and will not be responsible for direct or indirect damages caused to the user or any third party due to the use of these websites.
Intellectual Property:

13. The user declares that he knows that the copyrights, patent rights, trade secrets and ownership rights, the use of the contents, and the information presented on the Natish website, including distribution rights and any other intellectual property in the contents belong exclusively to Natish Israel Primo and the user will not have any rights of any kind in the contents and information and that the use of the contents and information is for the user’s personal needs only.

14. The user declares that there may be circumstances, whether under Netish’s control or not, including server crashes, power outages, human errors, bugs, hackers, in which information will be lost or browsing to the site will not be possible, and undertakes not to sue and claim against Netish for these events.

15. Natish is entitled to change the regulations from time to time and will publish a notice about this in the website news.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction in all matters and matters relating to the Nash site or to this agreement shall be the competent court in Tel Aviv according to and in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.