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Functional design and art

The “Natish” gallery is located in Nes Ziona, in the craft complex in Bishpro Center and is located in a huge building with a spectacular exhibition hall containing hundreds of works produced and designed in the workshops adjacent to the gallery.
In the gallery you can see the purpose of “Natish” abilities in a variety of fields of activity. And, the use of extensive artistic design, with the touch of goldsmithing evident in all the works in the gallery.
The uniqueness of “Natish” is the combination between functional design and art.

In the gallery you can see and be impressed by a variety of “Natish” works, design and manufacture of lighting fixtures, furniture, design and manufacture of railings, gates and fences in the work of ironsmiths, ornaments and Judaica and environmental sculptures. Most of our works are made to order, taking into account the customer’s parquet needs, accompanying the customer and maintaining a high quality level of execution.
The products are made of a variety of metals such as: iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, alpaca and are sometimes combined with other materials such as wood, glass, fabrics and more… “Natish” works are characterized by iron smithing, stainless steel smithing, blacksmith work and hand-crafting and other techniques inspired by the world of goldsmiths .

“Natish” has the ability to provide functional solutions, both at the level of design and at the level of execution and provides comprehensive and inclusive solutions, without dividing the work between different creators. In doing so, we guarantee maximum control over the planning, design and execution process, which are drawn from one roof and provide a perfect work of art that speaks one language.

“Natish” deals with establishing public projects alongside private projects

Shop design – hanging facilities, designed signs, counters, lighting, mirrors and more.
Offices – desks, counters, lighting, partitions, office furniture, designed signs and more.
Restaurants, cafes, bars – designed lighting, counters, bars, wine rooms, wine glass facilities, wine bottle facilities, menus, special bill submission facilities, sauce facilities, special signs and more.
public buildings, halls, private houses,
Local authorities, environmental waste, design of sculptural elements for the public space, monuments, designed tallets and more.

“Natish” works with architects and designers and gives an answer to every architectural fantasy from the level of design and planning to the level of execution.
Unique furniture – sofas, armchairs, stools, chairs, sideboards, dressers, beds and more.
Designed lighting fixtures – ceiling lighting, chandeliers, wall lighting, standing lamps, table lamps, street lighting poles and more.
Railings, gates, fences, bars in iron, stainless steel, brass and copper in combination with wood, glass and more
Gems – unique environmental jewelry made by goldsmiths.
Judaica – mezuzahs, menorahs, candlesticks and more.
Formal mirrors – frames designed in wrought iron and stainless steel. Goldsmith work in copper, brass, aluminum and wood.
Fittings – cornices and handles designed by blacksmiths from a variety of metals.


The Natish gallery was established on February 1989 by Nati Yahalomi and Israel Primo. Israel’s first steps began in 1989 on the kitchen table of his house in Kfar Aharon near Ness-Ziona.

Israel was fisherman. His sister which was at that time during her entrance exams to the prestigious “Betzalel” art school asked for his help, and together they created a life-sized metal insect. Israel, which is an insects “freak”, fell in love with the hands-on creation process and started creating life-sized and hand made models of insects from different metals.

Israel’s friendship with Nati Yahlom, a ceramics designer and sculptor, lead to a fruitful partnership which gave birth to the “Natish” brand, a combination of their two names: Nati and Israel. Nati and Israel began designing and creating, presenting in art fairs and exhibitions their metal insect jewelry and receiving enthusiastic feedbacks.

Since they has “no choice” they started to create and market their more conventional jewelry, but Israel never gave up his love of insects.

With a great belief in their talent, professionalism nad originality, they turned their art work into monumental and unique “exterior jewelry” which led to an increased demand for their works. Nati and Israel hired more workers and expanded into additional fields of design in variuos materials. Nati, which later became Israel’s wife, focused on interior design and Israel focused on designing and creating spaces, technical and artisitc designs, with a touch of metal work in all his creations.

From a workshop of 150 square meters, they expanded and moved to Moshav Gealya near Rehovot, to a huge workshop of a 200 square meters show room and 300 square meter work area equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and 7 experienced and skilled workers with an artistic background, and so started creating their exterior sculptures.

Today, the Natish Gallery is in Ness ziona, and in the single ownership of Israel Primo and deals with a wide variety of designs and productions, from jewelry to a designs that encompus any space. Design of special projects like reataurants, halls, light fixtures, unique furniture, banisters, gates, exterior sculptures and much more.


The Natish gallery is the place where ideas are started and created. The creation process is done by hand and with a personal and precise touch and feel with the materials, often combined with special techniques and machinery, and with a safeguarding of Natish’s traditional work process and way.

For over 18 years Israel has been working deligently on the Natish brand.

Designing exterior “jems” with an original sculpting way of thinking and with a unique and different presence and a touch of metal work in all of the projects.

Design and creation of practicle elements wrapped with an artistic ambiance that not necessarily looks artistic. rather, a commitment to the practicle needs of the client. The right design for the right purpose, and with it, innovative, unique and artistic.

Nurturing and teaching the next generation with the vast knowledge that Israel has gathered throughout his life and love for creating as a way of life, expression, and fulfillment.

Insertion of fundamental awareness for correct design as a way of life that benefits people and their surroundings.

Israel see’s in every creative person – “the very fact that humans think means they create. The ability of man to think, to move objects in different ways and from one another, is an original and creative action”.

Natish is always working on innovations in design and is renewing itself constantly while keeping with its uniqness and way of work.

On Israel Primo

Yisrael Primo, owner of Natish Gallery, located in Nes Ziona, has been involved in designing and creating a wide range of art since 1989, from designing and creating functional art to designing and sculpting in the urban space. The strength and uniqueness of Primo is the use of artistic techniques drawn from the world of goldsmiths and traditional ironsmiths, which is expressed in original and unique works of “environmental jewelry”.
The artistic concept of Israel, with original thinking, with a unique and different presence and is not drawn from the academy, but is clean and disconnected from patterns and is not subject to accepted formal frameworks and norms. His works are of a bold and dramatic design nature alongside other works which are transparent, soft and airy alongside private projects Israel Primo is engaged in the design and construction of special projects, such as: sculpture in the public space, design of public buildings, design of restaurants, cafes and bars, halls, offices and more.
The many works of sculpture and art of Israel are placed in various cities throughout the country including: Nes Ziona, Rehovot, Rosh Ha’Ein, Holon, Bat Yam, Hadera, Beer Sheva, Petah Tikva, Ashdod, Yavneh, the Dead Sea, Tiberias and more.

Among Israel’s works of art you can see:
The “butterfly” statue is placed in Bens Ziona square.
Mitzpe Sarah – Fati Modi’in
“Bell” sculpture, Ness Ziona.
The “Snake” statue was placed in July 2004 in front of the Knesset building.
Bicycle statues – placed on a central avenue in Nes Ziona.
The “Bell Hill” statue, placed in Rehovot.
Memorials throughout the country.
“Gan Berger”, Rehovot – environmental sculpture
Gan Adi” in Rehovot – a monument.
The bicycle exhibition “Rolling Artfully”
“The Design Exhibition” 2002.
The “Furniture” exhibition 2000.
“The Insects Exhibition” “The Garden of Science Museum”, Weizmann Institute.
The hair show “Indola” – Florence, Italy
Dead Sea – Neve Zohar – “Butterfly Garden”.
“Waves” statue in Bat Yam
“Migdal” public house – environmental sculpture
Boutoin Garden in Rehovot – a bench designed from ipah wood
Dead Sea-Ein Bokek 33 stainless steel sculptures, environmental sculpture
“Flower” sculptures in iron on Sderot Ha’ir Yavne
“Seagulls” statues – in the monument in Ashdod.
Kinetic sculpture “Wings” in Lior Garden in Rehovot named after navigator Captain Lior Harari
Another urban sculpture…

Working at Natish