Insects and other animals

Insects and other animals

decorative jewelry for the home,

Various insect models. Sculptural elements in handmade blacksmithing and goldsmithing.
Unique and intriguing sculpture of insects, flying and other animals accurate to the last detail in various dimensions – from natural size to giants, iron, copper, brass and alpaca works using the techniques of goldsmiths and blacksmiths.

The artist Israel Primo, a creative artist, born in Kfar Aharon near Nes Ziona, has been a “freak” of insects since childhood and the inspiration in his works is drawn from the seam between life, nature and art.

Israel began his career in art about 22 years ago in goldsmithing. While searching for the special and the different, he created special “jewelry” in the form of insects accurate to the last detail


A fleece crafted spider - A wall ornament


A fleece crafted hornet - A wall ornament


A copper corrosionpraying mantis - A wall/table ornament


Butterflies sawn to the


A fleece elephant table ornament


A gold crafted ant - A wall/table ornament