Desktop lighting | Night lamps

Desktop lighting | Night lamps

Lighting for the home 鈥 initial and basic rules on choosing lighting for the home

Here are some tips and rules that will help you think in principle before choosing the right home lighting for you and your home and to determine the level of lighting required in the various areas of the home.
Choosing lighting for the home is one of the last steps in designing the home, the last touch that creates the perfection required to fill the living experience with character and interest. Therefore, a lot of attention should be given to the subject of home lighting and proper planning in choosing the lighting for the various areas of the house, both from the design aspect, and from the technical aspect, in order to create the maximum functionality for our needs – beauty, atmosphere and usefulness.
When we choose and determine the lighting for the home, we take into account the aesthetic considerations, the practical needs and the technical elements in the conditions of the place where we determine the lighting for our home.
Lighting above the dining room table.

“First we design our home; and later, our home designs us”
Winston Churchill


Lighting for the house – lighting for the entrance to the house

The lighting at the entrance to the house plays an important role in creating the first impression for the visitors of the house.
In the context of the soft transition between the outside world and the entrance to the house, we strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The entrance should be warmly lit and inviting to curiosity and interest.


Iron and parchment table lamp


Iron table lamp


Desk lighting, night lamp - iron and painted parchment


Night Light


Iron and parchment table lamp