Lighting for the home – initial and basic rules regarding choosing lighting for the home

“In a house where there are no rules, fate runs amok, luck is delayed and chance visits.
But in a house with rules, fate does what it is told,
You don’t need luck and the case stays outside, knocking and shouting and can’t get in…”
Meir Shalu

Lighting for the home: initial and basic rules on choosing lighting for the home

Here are some tips and rules that will help you think in principle before choosing lighting for the right home for you and your home and to determine the level of illumination required in the various areas of the home.
Choosing lighting for the home is one of the last steps in home design, the final touch that creates the perfection required to fill the living experience with character and interest. Therefore, a lot of attention should be given to the subject of lighting for the home and proper planning in the selection of lighting for the various areas of the home, both from the design aspect, and from the technical aspect, in order to create the maximum functionality for our needs – beauty , atmosphere and usability.
When we choose and determine the lighting for the home, we take into account the aesthetic considerations, the practical needs and the technical components in the conditions of the place where we determine the lighting fixtures for our home.

Lighting above the dining room table.

“First we design our home; And further, our home shapes us

讜讬谞住讟讜谉 爪’专爪’讬诇

Lighting for the entrance to the house

The lighting for the entrance to the house plays an important role in creating the first impression for the visitors of the house.
In the context of the soft transition between the outside world and the entrance to the house, we strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The entrance should be warmly lit and inviting to curiosity and interest.

If the lighting in the place is overhead – several factors must be taken into account:

    • If the ceiling is low – ceiling-mounted lighting with warm light lighting should be installed.
    • In a high ceiling, hanging lighting with frosted or transparent glass sides should be installed.
    • If there is an electric point for lighting on the wall, you should install wall-mounted lighting that throws light up and down, which can also highlight designed elements such as a wall covered with stones or artistic installations on the wall or floor.
    • Lighting fixtures sunk into the ceiling in sufficient quantity and this if there is a plaster ceiling,

聽Your home is your expansive body”
Jobran Khalil Jobran

Home lighting, dining room lighting
In the distribution of lighting for the home into zones, this is the main space that requires strong central lighting and not only in the sense of its light distribution, but by its very presence. This is a lighting which will delimit the dining area and separate it from the other parts of the space of the living room and kitchen. Dining room lighting should be a lighting fixture that is a dramatic element that will focus the eye on it. This is the lighting jewel of the house.
Lighting for the home from the ceiling-hung lighting family: reed chandelier, or ceiling-hung lighting with several reeds hanging up to about a meter from the dining table. According to the size of the dining table and its shape, we will determine the size of the lighting body.

If the dining area is part of an open space and is shared with the living room (living room), the lighting you choose for the dining area will lead the line of all the lamps in that space. This is the principle of symmetry, that is, all other lighting in the same space will be from the same family as the central lamp. That is, the same technology and the same material and this is what will give us the feeling of harmony.

Up-light ceiling lighting

A house without at least one warm and comfortable chair is soulless”
May Stern

聽聽Home lighting, living room lighting, the importance of lighting in the living room space (living room) in home lighting

The living space (living room) is one of the active and main centers in the house. It is the living room for the family members and it is the guest room.
The family room is the central living room that brings together the whole family and all the meetings with the guests who come to it,
A decorative light point in the center of the room can be an aesthetic and useful solution, but it focuses the space on one point and does not allow you to enjoy all the areas of the room. Therefore, it is recommended to place the lamp when it is close to the ceiling and diffuses the light throughout the space and gives a feeling of space, like lighting which is up light lighting that throws the light to the ceiling and returns it to the space and diffuses the light throughout the room. If there are several light points in the ceiling, We will choose lighting fixtures according to the size of the room. It should be taken into account if there are additionally light points on the wall that we will use as mood lighting, focusing on a decorative wall or emphasizing light on a work of art. If the lamps on the wall are the main lamps in the living room space, we will choose wall-mounted lighting and install functional light in them, halogen lighting which throws the light to the wall (reflector) with a strong intensity and scatters it in the space up and down UP-DONE.
Spot lights such as floor lighting, decorative light poles, standing lamps or table lamps can add another dimension both as complementary furniture and in the play of light in the room to create a desired atmosphere.

“Home is not the place where you live, but the place where you are understood”
Kristian Morgenstern

Home lighting, kitchen lighting
The kitchen is the study of the house. Therefore, the lighting should be strong and bright. The lighting should be functional and illuminate the surfaces well, as well as being important for creating a wide and large space without shadows.
Lighting for the kitchen Ceiling with economical bulbs in a warm shade can be a perfect solution. Ceiling lighting聽which is attached to the ceiling and up light, that is, reverse lighting of the halogen that creates a reflector, throws the light to the ceiling and diffuses it. Creates a very wide light source without shadows and can definitely be an excellent solution for useful and correct lighting for the kitchen area instead of the fluorescent that is accepted in most homes.

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Don’t bring anything into your home that you don’t know is useful, or believe is beautiful”
William Morris

Home lighting, bathroom lighting, bathroom lighting

Waterproof lightingAccording to the standards!
It is recommended to light a ceiling-mounted lamp with frosted glass that will create a uniform distribution of light in all parts of the bathroom. It is recommended for lighting above a mirror to illuminate with a halogen bulb or based on an incandescent bulb that allows better separation of colors for the face when applying makeup.
If you lower the ceiling in the bathroom. It is recommended to use recessed fixtures such as halogen, which emphasizes the color of the ceramic tiles, and LED-based ceiling or wall recessed for orientation lighting at night

Children’s room lighting

Home lighting – bedroom lighting

In planning the lighting for the house in general and the lighting for the bedrooms in particular, the lighting in the room must be planned to be combined with both ambient lighting and functional lighting. It is desirable and correct to install a dimmer-dimmer- in order to create all the requested scales in order to give us both the light that will give us the desired atmosphere and the functional light.
Two lighting points on the wall on the sides of the bed can be used as reading lamps and mood lighting.
If there are no light points on the wall, there is always the option of placing a table lamp on both sides of the bed.
If the point of light is in the ceiling, we will install a lamp with reverse lighting (not direct light), a ceiling-up light and this to prevent glare when looking up and to integrate spot lights such as reading lights on both sides of the bed and toilet lighting.

Wall lighting

“No matter how dreary and gray our houses are, flesh and blood people will always prefer to live there than in any other country, no matter how beautiful it is. There’s no place like home”
Frank Lyman Baum
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