A presentation of a sycamore tree urn in Holon by the artist Israel Primo

Exhibition of a sycamore tree urn in Holon

Recently, work was completed on a special project that was established in the Holot area in Holon in Kiryat Sharet south of Matula St. and east of David Elazar St. This is an art exhibition in the heart of the sands. A huge urn made of iron fillings welded together and painted with a special rust coloring. The urn is carried in the air on round and convex iron arches at a height of 5 meters, and inside it is planted a sycamore tree, which is the symbol of the city. Around the urn – a large area made of ifa wood, a pergola and a sitting area.
The initiator and performer of the performance is the artist Israel Primo.
A floating path and a bridge over sands made of ifa wood leads to the exhibition and it continues and connects Metula St. and David Elazar St. The route winds through the sand vegetation and crosses the sand dunes, preserving the area in its natural state without harming the local vegetation and the environment. The walk along the axis and the passage through the exhibition and the sitting area next to it constitute a unique scenic route and a pleasant experience for those who walk through it.
The landscape planning of the project was done by the architects Tal and Erez Lotan.
The ecologist Dr. Nava Saber was involved in the unique project by referring to the flora of the area, the animals and the ecosystem in the sands. On part of the sand area, the municipality of Holon plans to establish a sand park in the future, an urban nature reserve that will preserve the dunes, flora and fauna, which will serve as an experience park for children and the whole family. A luxury residential neighborhood will be built around it, applying the principles of green construction.